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Welcome to TouchPoint Support Services!

Compassion at every point of human contact.

About TouchPoint
TouchPoint, a sector of Compass Group, provides food, nutrition, and environmental services to locations across the country.  TouchPoint has a rich history and strong culture and is constantly growing and changing:  through new dynamic culinary and patient programs, sustainable and green initiatives, and innovative training and development.   In addition to the company’s people-driven culture, their corporate mission is Compassion at every point of human contact. 

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Operating Philosophy
All TouchPoint associates are dedicated to serve others and make a difference through their actions. Our operating philosophy guides associates with a personal mission statement:

“I am committed to uplift the spirit of those I serve every day. I believe that I can make a difference by serving with integrity, humility and optimism.  I am TouchPoint.”

Contact TouchPoint
To learn more about TouchPoint, please contact Dee Karszes at 404.845.3330.