• Innovations
    TouchPoint’s unique culture is built upon the desire to provide the very highest level of hospitality in our facilities. We are constantly looking for ways to revolutionize the healthcare industry through our contributions. Here are some of the things that we are working on:

    Integrated Hospitality (acute care): These unique operating models allow us to focus on one thing – our patients. We do this through specialized training, use of technology, and analysis of the entire customer experience.         

    GoBEYOND: This is TouchPoint’s proprietary onboarding, training, engagement, and recognition platform for hourly associates. GoBEYOND focuses on a specific topic each month that is aimed at improving the patient or resident experience.

    Dashboards: Operating multiple services within one facility, we have created an industry-leading dashboard system that allows us to provide a streamlined report for our clients, easily giving them a snapshot of our performance. These innovative reports allow us to connect with our clients in a way that other service providers cannot.​