• Sustainability

    To remain good stewards to both the facilities we serve and the environment in which we live, TouchPoint is committed to providing goods & services that are eco-friendly and also make good business sense.

    In Environmental Services, we offer green cleaning systems and use earth-conscious chemicals when and where appropriate. Our eco-friendly processes allow us to create an unparalleled environment of safe and conscientious healing.

    In Food & Nutrition Services
    we partner with vendors and purveyors who focus on leaving the food chain in better shape than they found it. In several markets, we also partner with local farms that provide our facilities with fresh and sustainable produce for use in retail areas and patient meals.

    Our parent company, Compass Group, published the following metrics regarding sustainable purchasing initiatives company-wide in their 2013-2014 Corporate Sustainability Report
    • 92% Fluid milk-free of artificial growth hormones 
    • 81% Turkey produced without the routine of human antibiotics
    • 76% Chicken produced without the routine use of human antibiotics
    • 73% Yogurt free of artificial growth hormones
    • 26% Eco/Fair Trade Certified Coffee
    • 17% Certified Humane cage-free (shell) eggs
    • $34M Local produce in support of the American Family Farms