• Patient Dining Programs

    TouchPoint offers two unique dining programs for patients in our hospitals.

    Through Catering To You, we provide our patients with a unique restaurant style dining experience right at the patient’s bedside. Upon admission to the hospital, every patient is greeted by his or her own personal Catering Associate. The associate spends time with the patient to understand individual dining needs and preferences. The Catering Associate then goes down to the kitchen and personally prepares the tray exactly to the patient’s specifications.

    Dining on Call is a room service-style dining experience. Patients call their order into a state-of-the-art call center that links the diet order a physician has prescribed to their meal choices. Meals are delivered on the patient’s schedule and to their specifications.

    Looking for something different? Not a problem. TouchPoint also offers customizable dining programs to meet individual needs. Our results from these world-class programs are increased satisfaction scores.