• Clinical Nutrition
    As a nutrition leader, TouchPoint has proven expertise and strategies that provide dietitians with most comprehensive, person-centered clinical programs in the industry. These programs are designed to make dietitians more efficient with a focus on improving patient and resident outcomes.  Our proactive approach to nutrition uses the most current, evidenced-based guidelines and incorporates these into our practice standards, policies, and resources. 

    To ensure our clinical programs remain on the leading edge and are advancing clinical nutrition practice, patient and resident care initiatives are identified that promote healing and health promotion, patient and resident safety, clinical outcomes, and assist with cost containment. Recent and ongoing patient and resident care initiatives include:
    • A validated nutrition screen
    • Early malnutrition recognition and awareness strategies
    • Outcome driven protocols
    • Standardized nutrition diagnosis based documentation
    • Dignified Dining 
    • Comprehensive regulatory survey readiness process improvement program

    TouchPoint nutrition does not stop with the care our dietitians provide to patients and residents. Fresh, great tasting, healthy and sustainable menu options are the cornerstone for all we serve. TouchPoint is committed to improving the health and well-being of your community through healthy dining standards, nutrition labeling, sustainability food practices, strategic supply chain partnerships, and healthy choice architecture and promotions. Our wellness goals are created to support our overall wellness philosophy and to continue bringing unique solutions to help you meet the unprecedented challenges and changes facing the healthcare environment.